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Purchase a Print

Matte OD 
(Frame Size)
Print Only Custom Matted Aluminum Frame
11x14 $25
image nominal 7x10.5
$45 $75
16x20 $50
image nominal 10x15
$75 $125
18 x 24 $75
image nominal 12x18
$110 $185
22x28 $120
image nominal 14x21
$165 $255
24x30 $160
image nominal 16x24
$235 $345

Actual image size may differ depending on the image.    (8x10 is not full frame representation of 35mm film.)

These prints, including mats and backing, are made with archival materials (see Digital Prints and Archival Materials below).   The standard paper in semi gloss.  However, matte and glossy are available upon request.  All of these papers have a look and feel of traditional photographic paper.

The nominal image sizes were chosen to permit printing full frame with the files generated either from a scan of a 35mm slide or from a 35mm Digital SLR. If a standard print size, like 8x10, were chosen then some cropping would be required. I prefer, if possible, to print full frame without any cropping. Mats are then custom cut so that a minimum of the image is hidden and so that standard sized frames can be utilized.

The images here are only a small portion of my collection.  Other size prints, either digitally printed or traditional photographic process, are possible.   Other framing material beside the basic aluminum frame can be used.  So feel free to contact me for any additional inventory or print requirements you may have.

email: Steve Fredrick

Turnaround time from receipt of the order until ready for delivery is one week (often less) if material is available.  If the order requires special material (larger photographic print or custom frame material) the turnaround time is on the order of 2 weeks.


Digital Prints

With traditional prints the result depend on the skill and care taken by the person making the print.  Too often the prints come back from outside labs incorrectly cropped or incorrectly exposed resulting in loss of color saturation and/or loss of detail in the shadows or highlights.  The resulting frustration is why many photographers used to end up going through the trouble and expense of setting up their own darkrooms.

Today it is possible to get results that are superior to traditional methods using the digital darkroom.  (Note:  The digital process used here is solely for the purpose of making the finished print match the original transparency as closely as possible. (Unless stated otherwise, it is not used to add any element that was not part of the original image.)   This permits the photographer to control the complete print process without the need for a traditional wet darkroom.

The latest inkjet printers, along with new archival inks and papers, result in prints that will last  longer than some created using "old" wet darkroom processes.  


Archival Materials

Mats are custom cut from sheets  archival (acid-free, lignin-free, buffered) mat board. And the material used for backing board is acid free foam core. And acid-free tape is used to "hinge" the print between the mat and the backing board..

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