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Gallery: Southwest #2

2004_1019SW_Page_HSBend_2_0008 2004_1019SW_Page_HSBend0003 2004_1019SW_Page_HSBend_2_0020
Horseshoe Bend Landscape Detail Sage Brush and Sky Sage Brush and Sky
2004_1019SW_PageHSBend_2_0041 Horse Shoe Bend near Page AZ. 2004_1020SW_Page_LakePowel_20004
Navaho Mountain near Page AZ Horseshoe Bend near Page AZ. Lake Powel Near Page AZ.
2004_1022SW_WahweepToadStool30017 2004_1020SW_Page_Chains0006 2004_1020SW_Page_Chains0021
Wahweep Hoodoo Landscape Sunrise at Chains near Page AZ. Sunrise at Chains near Page AZ.
2004_1022SW_WahweepToadStool10014 Wahweep Hoodo 2004_1020SW_PAGE_WahweepHoodo0005

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