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Sunsets at the Beach

Everyone has to love a good sunset.


Cape Henelopen Light

We were doing some exploring in Cape Henelopen State Park, Delaware.  When we approached the point parking lot, I saw an osprey returning to the nest.  The nest was on a man-made perch with the light house in the background.  By now it was mid-day so I looked to see if this would be a morning or an evening osprey photo-op.  My first reaction was simply, "Oh yes this is an morning opportunity."  But then I realized that if I would be  facing the light house in the morning; then the sun must set behind the light house.  For those of us living on the east coast, we just don't think of the sun setting over the ocean.  I had to get out a compass to verify that the lighthouse was indeed to the west.  A check of a map showed that the point bends around.  Since then we have been back to enjoy, and photograph, many beautiful sunsets.

Lighthouse silhouette with sun ball in the background.

Henelopen Lighthouse at Sunset



Fisherman collecting bait fish at sunset

Sunsets over the water.

Here are a few other sunset locations besides Henelopen.

BarnigateLight_Slide_450x300.jpg (27099 bytes) Lighthouses_195_5x7.jpg (26712 bytes) Eastern Shore 039 4x6@72.JPG (14742 bytes)
Barnigate Light Cape May Light and its reflection at sunset. Working Boats--
Leipsic River
Eatern_Shore_813_600x400.jpg (44025 bytes) Eastern Shore 381 4x6@72.JPG (19016 bytes) Eastern Shore 125 4x6@72.JPG (28722 bytes)
Fisherman on a jetty at sunset--
Bethany Beach
Fishing Boat
Little Assawoman Bay




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