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The Ladies of Penn's Landing

Penn's Landing is the waterfront area along the Delaware River in center city Philadelphia. It is home to the Independence Seaport Museum, the Moshulu, and the Gazela.

Independence Seaport Museum
     USS Olympia
        USS Becuna

In addition to the Museum building itself the Independence Seaport Museum maintains the USS Olympia (C-6), Admiral Dewey’s flagship during the Spanish-American War, and  USS Becuna (SS319), a WWII submarine, along the waterfront.

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Becuna and Olympia Olympia Olympia and the Hyatt in the background


Moshulu is the largest four-masted sailing ship in the world still afloat. Once a proud purveyor of the seas, she now servers as home to an upscale  waterfront restaurant. Mosulu and Olympia are berthed bow to bow at Penn's Landing.  

20090320_PennsLanding_0074_75_76_77.jpg (139333 bytes)

20090320_PennsLanding_0141.jpg (130802 bytes)
Moshulu Moshulu and Olympia berthed bow-to-bow in front of the Independence Seaport Museum


Tall ship Gazela, a 177-foot-long square-rigged vessel built in 1883.

20090320_PennsLanding_0121.jpg (85745 bytes) 20090320_PennsLanding_0122.jpg (107950 bytes) 20090320_PennsLanding_0129.jpg (120680 bytes)
Gazela Rigging Removing Gazela's "winter coat"