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Northeastern Chester County Covered Bridges

This section contains five covered bridges crossing 3 different creeks.

Valley Creek

Knox Bridge (Valley Forge Dam Bridge)

        Covered-Bridge_303_400x30072.jpg (54302 bytes)                            Covered-Bridge_300_340x50072.jpg (34693 bytes)

Valley Forge or Knox Covered Bridge  is adjacent to Valley Forge National Park.  

Crum Creek

Bartram's Bridge

Covered-Bridge_474_400x50072.jpg (34551 bytes) Bartram's Covered Bridge in Early Fall Bartram's Covered Bridge in Late Fall Bartram's Covered Bridge in Winter
Bartram's Black and White Brartram's Early Fall Brartram's Late Fall Bartram's Winter


Bartram's Bridge joins Chester and Delaware Counties.  This is Delaware Counties only remaining covered bridge.  This bridge sits just off of Goshen Road near Newtown Square. In recent years this bridge has been looked after by Bartram Bridge Joint Preservation Commission.

French  Creek

Rapp's Dam Bridge (Rapp's Bridge)

Covered_Bridge_181_340x50072.jpg (50408 bytes)

Covered_Bridge_448_400x60072.jpg (75231 bytes) 20080218_CoveredBridge_0028.jpg (87249 bytes)

Near Rapp's bridge are the remains of George Rapp's saw and grist mill.

Kennedy's Bridge

Covered_Bridge_170_400x50072.jpg (32919 bytes) Covered_Bridge_173_230x60072.jpg (15259 bytes) 20080218_CoveredBridge_0082.jpg (69060 bytes)

Sheeder-Hall Bridge

Double Burr Arch of Sheeder_Hall Covered Bridge

Double Burr Truss Arch, Sheeder-Hall Covered Bridge

Covered_Bridge_162_325x50072.jpg (24152 bytes) Covered_Bridge_164_340x50072.jpg (40116 bytes)
20080218_CoveredBridge_0088.jpg (78859 bytes) 20080218_CoveredBridge_0100.jpg (88249 bytes)


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Knox Valley 40 05.235N 76 27.361W
Bartram's 39 59.394N 75 26.183W
Rapp's Dam 40 08.272N 75 33.193W
Kennedy 40 08.389N 75 34.533W
Sheeder-Hall 40 08.841N 75 37.243W