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Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve


20080409_ShrenksFerry_0135.jpg (41287 bytes) 20080417_ShenksFerry_0023.jpg (54650 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0127.jpg (55546 bytes) Trillium Close_Up
Trillium Trillium Trillium  Trillium Close-up
20080409_ShrenksFerry_155.jpg (69359 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0005_06.jpg (52010 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0002&3.jpg (42455 bytes) Wild Strawberry with Ant
Bloodroot Drooping Star of Bethlehem Drooping Star of Bethlehem Wild Strawberry
20080409_ShrenksFerry_0105&106.jpg (54873 bytes) 20080409_ShrenksFerry_0120&121.jpg (69919 bytes) Spring Beauty #3 -- Shink's Ferry Wildflower Preserve Spring Beauty
Spring Beauty Spring Beauty Spring Beauty Spring Beauty
20080409_ShrenksFerry_0118.jpg (80447 bytes) 20080405_ShenksFerry_0001.jpg (45026 bytes) 20080409_ShrenksFerry_0126.jpg (52891 bytes)
Dutchman's Britches Dutchman's Britches Saxfrage
20080409_ShrenksFerry_0086.jpg (54539 bytes) 20080409_ShrenksFerry_0088.jpg (41467 bytes) 20080405_ShenksFerry_0075.jpg (50099 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0232.jpg (37987 bytes)
Dutchman's Britches Dutchman's Britches Periwinkle (Phlox) Wild Geranium
20080409_ShrenksFerry_0007.jpg (54834 bytes) 20080409_ShrenksFerry_0018.jpg (51005 bytes) 20080405_ShenksFerry_0061.jpg (47710 bytes) 20080403_OakbournFlowers_0009.jpg (52748 bytes)
Virginia Bluebells Virginia Bluebells Siberian Squill Back Siberian Squill Front
White Violet -- Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve 20080423_ShenksFerry_0091square.jpg (77978 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0033.jpg (51375 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0099.jpg (38688 bytes)
White Violet Violet with Bug Blue Violet Yellow Violet
20080423_ShenksFerry_0115.jpg (54351 bytes) Trout Lily -- Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve Wild Mustard Close-up -- Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve 20080405_ShenksFerry_0012.jpg (53904 bytes)
Unknown Yellow Trout Lily Wild Mustard Close-up  Marsh Marigold

These may not be wildflowers but are examples of other interesting subjects that Shenk's Ferry has to offer.

20080423_ShenksFerry_0150.jpg (53529 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0191.jpg (53532 bytes) 20080423_ShenksFerry_0202.jpg (51726 bytes)
Mushroom Christmas Fern Christmas Fern Close-up