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I enjoy teaching photography and leading workshops. I offer classes through the Chester County Night School and workshops thought IAATLT. Workshops range in time from 1/2 day to a full week. Some of the topics covered include:

Image Capture Classes
    For beginning photographers:
    DSLR Essentials (Better Images with your DSLR) civerubg basic Light, Composition, Exposure, Camera Settings

    For intermediate to advanced photographers:

  • Landscape--It's All About the Light
  • Macro/Close-up in Nature
  • Digital Black and White
  • Classic Composition for Photographers

Post Production Workshops
    Digital Photography Workflow 
        Sorting, Raking, Digital Asset Management -- getting organized so you can find images
    Enhancement of Digital Images
        (Lightroom, Raw Conversion, Photoshop, Sharing) -- output for display or desktop printing)

Shooting Workshops
    General Landscapes
    Wild Flowers
    Covered Bridges

Follow this link to It's All About the Light Tours and check out the current offerings.


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