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Turkey Vultures

Birds 646 4x6 @72.JPG (36352 bytes)

Birds 315 4x6 @72.JPG (32262 bytes)

Turkey Vulture

Truly a face only a mother could love. 

Turkey Vulture

This guy is dragging a raccoon carcass to a better place to have dinner.

Bald Eagles

20080123_Conowingo_0034.jpg (92372 bytes) Immature Bald Eagle catching a fish at Conowingo Dam.

To see move eagle images visit Steve's Eagle Page

Birds 072 4x6 @72.JPG (12569 bytes) American Bald Eagle American Bald Eagle
Pair of Bald Eagles  Bald Eagle
Immature Bald Eagle American Bald Eagle Fledgling American Bald Eagle Fledgling
Immature Bald Eagle

This is baby!  Just out of the nest (note the sticks to the right); this bird has yet to fly.

Bald Eagle Fledgling

This eagle is just learning to fly.


Red-Tailed Hawk Soaring

20080123_Conowingo_0022.jpg (42012 bytes)

Osprey (Fish Hawk)

Birds 423 4x6 @72.JPG (31059 bytes) Osprey bringing dinner back to the nest. If you want to learn about Ospreys go to Steve's Osprey Page

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