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I am not a birder per se.  However, anyone involved in wild life photography will sooner or later try to photograph birds.  The reason is simple: wild life photographers are outdoors a lot and one of the most prolific types of wild life is birds.  And I said "try photographing birds" is because bird photography can be a very frustrating experience.

Birds are difficult  photographic subjects because they are small, constantly moving, and difficult to approach.  Being small often means using long telephoto lenses.  Their almost constant motion causes all kinds of problems and frustrations with framing the image and keeping the image sharp.  But ever once and a while you get a keeper.  Here are some of my keepers.  Enjoy!!!

 Birds_687_4x672.JPG (30865 bytes)

Mute Swan

Birds 393 4x6 @72.JPG (20829 bytes)

Red Crested Puchard

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