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Maryland Covered Bridges

Cecil County

There are 2 covered bridges in Cecil County. The one in Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area is still gets limited use. Gilpin's Falls bridge sits the the side of Rt. 272 and has not been in use for some time.

Fair Hill Covered Bridge

The bridge crosses Big Elk Creek. Across the boarder in near by Chester County, Pennsylvania there are three covered bridges that cross Big Elk Creek (Covered Bridges of Southern Chester County). 

Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area was originally  part of the duPont estate. Their equestrian tradition continues as Fair Hill is a big part of Maryland's house country.

20061130FairHill004.jpg (78885 bytes) 20061130FairHill034.jpg (65300 bytes) 20061130FairHill078.jpg (76828 bytes)

Gilpin's Falls Covered Bridge

As the marker on the site notes, this bridge was originally built to provide access to the near by mill. Like it's neighbors in Chester County Pa this bridge uses the Burr Arch Truss architecture. The bridge crosses North East Creek which flows down a series of water falls below the bridge.

As you can see from the photographs, this bridge needs some work. According to the Maryland DoT web site, "A plan to preserve this historic bridge is under consideration."

20061130FairHill096.jpg (78675 bytes)

20061130FairHill098.jpg (56128 bytes)



Frederick County

Roddy Road Covered Bridge


Loy's Station Covered Bridge


Utica Mills Covered Bridge


Baltimore/Harford County

Jericho Bridge


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