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Covered Bridges of Southern Chester County

Octorara Creek

    Pine Grove Bridge      

Covered-Bridge-108-335x50072.jpg (46281 bytes) 2004_1218PineGrove0001.jpg (50500 bytes) Covered_Bridge_257_270x50072.jpg (21531 bytes)

Pine Grove Bridge is the second bridge that crosses the Octorara and joins Chester and Lancaster Counties (see Mercer's on  Central Chester Co. Covered Bridge page).  This is the largest covered bridge in Chester County and it's only "double" span bridge.

Covered_Bridge_100_400x60072.jpg (50130 bytes)

Pine Grove is Chester County's largest covered bridge.   It is really two bridges back to back.   The above picture shows the double Burr Truss construction.

During the winter of 2007-2008 Pine Grove was torn down and was rebuilt.  Here are some pictures during the construction. 

20080123_Conowinggo_0119.jpg (134205 bytes) 20080123_Conowinggo_0127.jpg (97654 bytes)
Bridge removed and working on supports. Note the temporary walking bridge in the background Here is how the timbers of the arches were protected during the construction.

And here are some post-construction images. Note the integration of new and old timbers.

20090314_LancasterCoCB_0322.jpg (68411 bytes) 20090314_LancasterCoCB_0332.jpg (103645 bytes) 20081016_PineGroveCBr_050.jpg (152480 bytes)

See the recently reconstructed Larkin Covered Bridge at the bottom of Central Chester County Covered Bridges or  the Larkin Page for pictures showing how the old timbers were integrated with new wood after its move and reconstruction.


Big Elk Creek

Rudolph & Arthur's Bridge

Covered_Bridge359.jpg (58458 bytes) 20061010CoveredBridges0040.jpg (74983 bytes)

Linton Stephens' (Stevens') Bridge

Linton Stephens Covered Bridge Linton Stephens Covered Bridge Linton Stephens Covered Bridge B&W
Linton Stephens Covered Bridge Linton Stephens Covered Bridge

Linton Stephens' was renovated recently.

Glen Hope Bridge

2005_0123Snow_CoveredBridge_10025.jpg (79229 bytes) Covered_Bridge403.jpg (29340 bytes) Glen Hope Covered Bridge
Glen Hope Covered Bridge Glen Hope Covered Bridge Glen Hope Covered Bridge


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Someone in the Oxford, PA area has posted a driving tour of these four covered bridges. You can find it at: Driving Tour  Oxford Area Covered Bridges.

Longitude and Latitude in degrees, minutes, and decimal minutes.

Pine Grove 39 47.589N 76 02.624W
Linton Stevens 39 44.756N 75 52.924W
Glen Hope 39 43.595N 70 54.464W
Rudolph & Authur 39 45.400N 75 54.751W