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Wild Flowers in Ridley Creek State Park

Below are a few of the image I made on a productive day in mid-April.

20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0120.jpg (47189 bytes) 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0145.jpg (52507 bytes) 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0153.jpg (51926 bytes) 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0048.jpg (53166 bytes)
Trout Lily Yellow Violet Yellow Violet Marsh Marigold
20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0069.jpg (41944 bytes) 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0160.jpg (55101 bytes) 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0013.jpg (52974 bytes)
Dutchman's Britches
Dutchman's Britches Bloodroot
20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0100.jpg (52784 bytes) Spring Beauty, Horizontal 20080413_RidleyCreekSP_0132.jpg (50072 bytes)
Blue Violet Spring Beauty Spring Beauty

And here is a link to some Landscape images made in Ridley Creek SP.