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Here are some links to some of my favorite wildflower locations:

Spring Beauty, Horizontal Ridley Creek  State Park, PA

Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve

Shenk's Ferry April 2012

Shenk's Ferry March 2017

image2752.jpg (22121 bytes)

Assawoman Wildlife Area, Delaware


Some old wildflower images shot on film and scanned.

Flowers202 4x6 @72.JPG (19124 bytes) Flowers_326_400x60072.jpg (28128 bytes) Flower_262_4x6_72.jpg (65909 bytes)
Marsh Mallow Marsh Mallow Pink Lady Slipper
Flowers 197 4x6 @72.JPG (28803 bytes) flowers 178 4x6 @ 72.JPG (21019 bytes) Flower_320_4x6_90.jpg (38389 bytes)
Cardinal Flower Water Lilly and Dragonfly
Nature_Closeup_239_400x60072.jpg (53123 bytes) Flowers_244_4x672.JPG (11696 bytes) Flowers_308_5x772_copy.jpg (40917 bytes)
Water Heathen Hibiscus Water Lilly
Flowers_206_4x6_72.JPG (21996 bytes)
Sun Flower

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