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Alaska Wildlife

To see some of the landscape images from Alaska go to the Alaska Landscape page.

Anchorage and Alaska Wildlife Center 

Captive Eagle

Left: Captive Bald Eagle

Right: Cow Moose with calf on the outskirts of Anchorage.

Cow Moose with Calf

Left: Captive Elk

Right: Captive Sitka Deer

Deer003.jpg (87556 bytes)
Muskox0016.jpg (65838 bytes) Captive Musk Ox

Left: Adult

Right: Juvenile

Muskox0027.jpg (68000 bytes)
Grizzly_Bear003.jpg (63366 bytes) Grizzly_Bear001.jpg (50359 bytes) Grizzly_Bear007.jpg (66701 bytes)
Captive Grizzly Bear

Seward and Kenai Peninsula

Eagle010.jpg (53169 bytes) Bald Eagle found just outside of Seward.
Harbor_Seal_024.jpg (68925 bytes)


Harbor seals. 

Left: On calved glacier ice. 

 Right: On kelp covered rocks.

Harbor_Seal_044.jpg (86277 bytes)
Otter_013.jpg (60262 bytes)

Left, raft of sea otters.

Right, a solitary otter.

Otter_014.jpg (68377 bytes)

Denali National Park

Beaver_030.jpg (57053 bytes) Beaver_040.jpg (69612 bytes) Moose_086.jpg (64449 bytes) Moose_102.jpg (140507 bytes)
Beaver preparing for winter Cow Moose Juvenile Bull Moose
Caribou_059.jpg (91578 bytes) Caribou_137.jpg (60792 bytes) Caribou_155.jpg (72307 bytes)
Caribou shedding velvet Caribou in velvet.
Grizzly_Bear_105.jpg (83982 bytes) Grizzly_Bear_106.jpg (67226 bytes) Grizzly_Bear_072.jpg (76030 bytes) Grizzly_Bear_070.jpg (78241 bytes)
Grizzly Cow on tundra (cubs are out of the frame. Grizzly bear cow (right) and yearling (left)
Ground_Squirrel_011.jpg (95091 bytes) Ground_Squirrel_009.jpg (104462 bytes) Ptarmigan_018.jpg (60015 bytes) Ptarmigan_010.jpg (65003 bytes)
Artic Ground Squire Ptarmigan, Alaska's state bird.
Swan_013.jpg (69157 bytes) Swan_017.jpg (60847 bytes)
Tundra Swans

Alaska Landscape

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