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Alaska Landscapes

You can see some of the wildlife images I made while I was in Alaska on the Alaska Wildlife page.


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Left: Flying over glaciers in Wrangell St Elias NP while on approach to Anchorage.

Right: Private plane landing at Lake Hood, Anchorage.

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Landscape_002.jpg (57312 bytes) Scenery from the boat along the Kenai Peninsula
Landscape_049.jpg (49750 bytes) Landscape_056.jpg (60767 bytes) Landscape_052crop.jpg (54813 bytes) Landscape_058.jpg (57669 bytes)
Landscape_034.jpg (64109 bytes) Landscape_055.jpg (61679 bytes) Landscape_064.jpg (66542 bytes) Reflections of the Alaska range in tundra ponds.
Landscape_101.jpg (69801 bytes) Landscape_256.jpg (57984 bytes) Landscape_259.jpg (66252 bytes) Polychrome Pass in Denali NP.
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Alaska Wildlife

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