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Bonaire is a little island off the coast of Venezuela.  It is part of the Netherlands Antilles.   It has two sister islands that are a little better known outside of scuba travelers.  The three used to be known as the ABC Islands.  That was  for Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  My wife and I have been to Bonaire many times (as in more than 15 times).  This is the first time I have been back since I switched from a Nikonos V with extension tubes and framers for macro to a housing for my N90s and a 105mm macro lens.  So this trip I shot almost exclusively macro with the housed system.  

I had my problems with camera equipment at the beginning of the trip and ended up shooting with a single strobe.

I hope you enjoy the pix!!!

Here are links to four galleries I put together from images shot during our 2013 trip to Bonaire.


Bonaire01_060_400x60072.jpg (71990 bytes) Bonaire01_066_400x60072.jpg (50489 bytes) Bonaire01_130_400x60072.jpg (76588 bytes) Bonaire01_068_400x600__72.jpg (48922 bytes)
Red Seahorse Editor's Pick 11/15/01 Flamingo Tongue Editor's Pick 11/30/01 French Angel Editor's Pick 11/08/01 Threespot Damselfish
Bonaire01_113_400x600.jpg (71477 bytes) Bonaire01_158_400x600_72.jpg (88908 bytes) Bonaire01_022_500x300_72.jpg (68988 bytes) Bonaire01_015_400x60072.jpg (37281 bytes)
Yellow Seahorse Yellow Frogfish Christmas Tree Worm Brittle Star on Purple Tube Sponge