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Underwater Photography

I'm just getting started filling out this part of the site.  The links on the left are to few pics  from a couple trips.

But before you can ask. Here are some quick pictures of sharks.

Hammer Head Shark, Cocos Is, Costa Rica  Great White Shark, Guadalupe Is, Mexico  Great White Shark, Guadalupe Is., Mexico   Reef Shark

Turks & Caicos is best dove from a live aboard. When we were there in 2008 the crew put out bait after we started our wall dives. When we returned at the end of the dive, in the shallow water under the boat, there was plenty of shark activity.

Isla Guadalupe is off the west coast of Mexico. It is one of the three places in world you can almost be guaranteed of seeing Great White Sharks. The other two are Australia and South Africa.

Bonaire is a great little island off the coast of Venezuela. Pretty reefs with lots of colorful sponges and plenty of little fish.

Bonaire 2013

British Columbia is some of the best cold water diving in the world. Better than Alaska if you ask me.

Little Cayman, for some, is the best of the Cayman Islands. Possibly because it's much harder to get to that Grand Cayman. The Caymans are home to some of the best wall diving in the world.

Local (Southeastern PA) Diving Resources:






  • Delaware Underwater Swim Club (DUSC)