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Little Cayman

As it's name implies, Little Cayman is the smallest of the three Cayman Islands.  It is also the most difficult to get to.  While Grand Cayman and the Brac have international air terminals capable of landing large jet aircraft, Little Cayman still has a grass runway.  With the introduction of government sponsored utilities the number of resorts on the island has increased rapidly.

The Marine Park around Little Cayman include two long walls, Bloody Bay and Jackson, that come together at a dive site call the Mixing Bowl.  (This site used to be call Three Fathom Wall because where Bloody Bay and Jackson Wall came together the wall started in 15 feet of water.  That's right you can still be over the wall while doing your safety stop.

My big motivation in coming back to Little Cayman was to photograph the red Strawberry Sponges that are found on the walls around Little Cayman with great frequency.

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However, there are also lots of other things to see and photograph.

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Even back on land there's a lot to see.

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