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Oakbourne Park

Oakbourne Park is a small township park in Westtown Township, Chester County. Prior to building the current township office building the township board of supervisors held all of their meetings at the mansion. Here are a couple of links so you can learn more about the park and the history of the mansion originally built in the late 1800's.

Friends of Oakbourne

A whimsical blog entry

Even though the park is only 90 some acres, it holds a lot of interesting things to photograph. There is the Victorian architecture of the mansion and it's out buildings that include a water tower (built primarily so as to have a water source to fight fire) and a garage. (I've not photographed the carriage house so as to not disturb the residence.)

Oakbourne Mansion

Oakbourne Mansion with a fresh cover of snow.

20081121_WesttownWinter_0122.jpg (147825 bytes) 20081121_WesttownWinter_0109.jpg (81252 bytes) 20081121_WesttownWinter_0129.jpg (145674 bytes)

Water Tower at Oakbourne

In Fall/Winter

20071126_OakbourneFoggyFallColor_0045.jpg (47210 bytes) 20081121_WesttownWinter_0143.jpg (119495 bytes) 2005_0130Oakborn0002.jpg (80995 bytes)

Water Tower At Night

2005_0119Oakborn_Watertower0002.jpg (54196 bytes) 2005_0119Oakborn_Watertower0004.jpg (67921 bytes)

Water Tower Details

2005_0130Oakborn0009.jpg (100313 bytes) 2005_0130Oakborn0017.jpg (49465 bytes) 2005_0130Oakborn0011.jpg (137370 bytes) 2005_0130Oakborn0010.jpg (110996 bytes)
Door of Water Tower Door Detail Window Note the gauge at the top


2005_0130Oakborn0021.jpg (142000 bytes) 2005_0130Oakborn0022.jpg (85595 bytes) 2005_0305H2OTower_Geese0008.jpg (79833 bytes)

The Grounds

In Spring

While not what I would call a wildflower Mecca, the park does host some interesting wildflowers. This is especially true for early sprig before the forest canopy blocks too much light to support growth of smaller plants. Snow drops announce the coming of spring. These small plants with white flowers are the first to emerge in the transition from winter to spring.

2005_0325WesttownSnowDrop1_0012.jpg (28371 bytes) 2005_0325WesttownSnowDrop1_0025.jpg (32106 bytes) 2005_0327WesttwonFlowers0038.jpg (32189 bytes)

I don't know what these gorgeous small blue flowers are. I've not been able to key them out. I first saw them at Oakboure several years ago. Since then I have seen them at Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve on the Susquehanna River. If you know what these are please drop me an email. Thanks to Jere Woodward I now know these are Siberian Squill.

2005_0327WesttwonFlowers0011.jpg (31840 bytes) 2005_0327WesttwonFlowers0015.jpg (33616 bytes)


20070421_Oakborne_0001.jpg (233778 bytes) 20070421_Oakborne_0005.jpg (201029 bytes)

In Fall/Winter

20071126_OakbourneFoggyFallColor_0041.jpg (108453 bytes) 20081121_WesttownWinter_0159.jpg (44564 bytes)
Yellow Maple Leafs and Stone Bridge Maple Leaf on Snow
20071129_BackLitLeaf_0006.jpg (60885 bytes) 20081121_WesttownWinter_0164.jpg (38408 bytes)
Leaf Detail Maple Leaf on Snow

The Bird Bath/Water Fountain

We can't leave out a pix of the water fountain.

20081121_WesttownWinter_0108.jpg (100755 bytes)

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