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What's New

Dec 2012: added Faces of Golden Gate Bridge

Nov 2012:
I had a request to update the name of one of the bridges, now spelled Linton Stephens' Bridge. So I've done that and took the opportunity to add some newer images to Covered Bridges of Southern Chester County. Also updated Covered Bridges of Chester County to list the names of each bridge under the links to the three sections. Added a new page for this years Rotofest: Rotofest 2012.

April 2012:
Added gallery for new wildflower images from Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve.
Added West Chester at Night and Strasburg Mud Sale galleries under Close to Home.
Added two galleries of shark images, Turks & Caicos (reef sharks) and Ilsa Guadalupe (Great White Sharks) under Underwater.

Dec 2011 added Philly At Night gallery.

Sept 2011 added Lowcounty page with 6 galleries.

Nov 2009 added  Death Valley page with 5 galleries.

July 2009: Created a new page for Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP that has links to the already existing Winter in Tetons page and links to the5 new spring 2009 galleries: GTNP Panoramas, GTNP Landscapes, GTNP Wildlife, Yellowstone NP Landscapes and Yellowstone NP Wildlife.

4/13/09: Completed populating all 5 Lancaster County CB pages. Added: Northeastern Lancaster Co., Octoraro Creek, and Pequea Creek.

Updated the Recent Work page with some spring wildflower images from Shenk's Ferry.

4/5/09: Added a Lancaster County Covered Bridge page. So far I only have two sub-pages populated, Chickies Creek Tour and Lancaster City Tour.

3/22/09: Added longitude and latitude for each bridge on the Chester County Covered Bridges pages. 

3/09/09: Updated the Recent Work page with some images that are not the type I typically do.

2/8/09: Updated the Recent Work page with some images from Valley Forge NP.

1/21/09: Updated the Recent Work page with some Winter 2009 images.

Prior updates deleted.