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Shore Birds and Waders

Great Blue Heron 2004_1224Chincoteague0026.jpg (48729 bytes) 20061230Chincotegue0023.jpg (68418 bytes) 20061230Chincotegue0106.jpg (52282 bytes)

Birds 172 4x6 @72.JPG (25106 bytes)

Birds 486 5x5 @72.jpg (39111 bytes)   Birds 505 4x6 @72.JPG (32296 bytes)
Green-backed Heron Green-backed Heron   Black-Crowned Night Heron

Great White Egret

2004_1224Chincoteague0012.jpg (50087 bytes) Great Eget, in breading plumage, perched on dead tree in Assawoman WLA, DE. Great Egret in morning light at Chincoteague VA.
2005_0108Barnagate0050.jpg (50941 bytes) Birds 493 4x6 @72.jpg (13638 bytes) 061113Chincoteague107.jpg (47576 bytes) 061113Chincoteague119.jpg (65527 bytes)
Purple Sandpiper Royal Tern Sea Gull Cormorant
2004_0628IndianRiverBirds0014.jpg (50981 bytes)       2004_1224Chincoteague0020.jpg (49021 bytes)         
American Oyster Catcher   Sea Gull  


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