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Larkin's Covered Bridge

Some images taken after the reconstruction of Larkin's in 2006.

Panaramic of Burr Truss inside a covered bridge.

The west facing truss. 

Like most of the remaining covered bridges in Chester County Larkin's used a Burr Truss.  It hasn't taken long for recent graffiti to appear, note the "07 Quakers 25-0" on this newly reconstructed bridge.



Covered_Bridge_155_350x50072.jpg (27409 bytes)

20080117_LarkinCB_0007.jpg (39447 bytes) 20080117_LarkinCB_0072.jpg (61018 bytes)
Before reconstruction at the Marsh Creek site. The new version of Larkin's from the same angle  as the shot to the left. From this broadside shot it's obvious that Larkin's no longer crosses a creek or river.
20080117_LarkinCB_0021.jpg (39904 bytes) 20080117_LarkinCB_0056.jpg (15940 bytes) 20080117_LarkinCB_0063.jpg (57949 bytes)
The Burr Arch truss on the opposite side from the panoramic above. Looking up at the bottom. It's easy to see original structural  timbers as well as the decking. Detail shot of the roof showing the mix of new and original wood. Note that the pins have not been sawed off. (I wonder why they chose to leave them.)



Burr Truss
A black and white rendition of the color one above.


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