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Chickies Creek Covered Bridges, Lancaster County

Shearer's Covered Bridge

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Sporting Hill Covered Bridge (Kauffman Distillery)

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Schenk's Mill Covered Bridge

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Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge

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Forry's Mill Covered Bridge

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Risser's Mill Covered Bridge

This bridge has been removed. I've heard that it will be rebuilt but have not time table for the construction.


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Shearer's Covered Bridge 4010.303N 7623.415W
Sporting Hill Covered Bridge 4008.924N 7624.614W
Schenk's Mill Covered Bridge 4006.950N 7625.479W
Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge 4004.544N 7628.245W
Forry's Mill Covered Bridge 4003.970N 7628.623W
Risser's Mill Covered Bridge 4008.373N 7630.386W