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Northeastern Lancaster County Covered Bridges

Bucher's Mill Covered Bridge

20090307_LancasterCoCB_0170.jpg (137903 bytes) 20090307_LancasterCoCB_0173.jpg (131020 bytes)

Erb's Covered Bridge

20090307_LancasterCoCB_0129_31.jpg (131515 bytes) 20090307_LancasterCoCB_0143_5_6.jpg (87428 bytes) 20090307_LancasterCoCB_0150.jpg (157777 bytes)

Keller's Mill/Rettew's Mill Covered Bridge

(DISMANTLED - To Be Rebuilt at a New Location)

Bitzer's Mill / Eberley's / Cider Mill Covered Bridge

20090228_LancasterCoveredBridge_0243.jpg (139303 bytes) 20090228_LancasterCoveredBridge_0245.jpg (160534 bytes)

Red Run Covered Bridge

20090216_CoveredBridges_0141_2_3Enhancer.jpg (130212 bytes) 20090216_CoveredBridges_0138_39_40Enhancer.jpg (126329 bytes)

Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge

20090216_CoveredBridges_0089_90_91Enhancer.jpg (122766 bytes) 20090216_CoveredBridges_0104_5_6Enhancer.jpg (137781 bytes) 20090216_CoveredBridges_0116_7_8Enhancer.jpg (130258 bytes)

Pool Forge Covered Bridge

20090216_CoveredBridges_0059_60_61Enhancer.jpg (168493 bytes) 20090216_CoveredBridges_0178_79_80Enhancer.jpg (112018 bytes) 20090216_CoveredBridges_0004.jpg (150500 bytes)


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Bucher's Mill 40 12.504N 76* 08.063W
Erb's 40* 10.083N 76* 14.624W
Keller's Mill 40* 10.191N 76* 12.265W
Bitzer's Mill 40* 08.400N 76* 09.117W
Red Run 40* 10.527N 76* 04.848W
Weaver's Mill 40* 08.455N 75* 59.892W
Pool Forge 40*07.773N 75* 58.586W