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Pequea Creek Covered Bridges, Lancaster County

Leaman's Place (Eshelman's Mill) Covered Bridge

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Herr's Mill Covered Bridge

20090314_LancasterCoCB_0069.jpg (128973 bytes) 20090314_LancasterCoCB_0071.jpg (117854 bytes)

Neff's Mill Covered Bridge

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Lime Valley Covered Bridge

20090321_Lancaster_0235.jpg (125538 bytes) 20090321_Lancaster_0239.jpg (129682 bytes)

Baumgardner's Mill Covered Bridge

20090321_Lancaster_0200.jpg (130890 bytes) 20090321_Lancaster_0211_2_4.jpg (118760 bytes)

Colemanville Covered Bridge

20090321_Lancaster_0175.jpg (178633 bytes) 20090321_Lancaster_0187.jpg (120873 bytes)


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Leaman's Place 40  00.757N 76 06.486W
Herr's 40  00.563N 76 09.696W
Neff's 39  58.715N 76 13.582W
Lime Valley 39 57.677N 76 14.097W
Baumgardner's Mill 39  55.866N 76 17.693W
Colemanville  39 53.913N 76 20.530W