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Covered Bridges of Chester County PA.

There are 15 covered bridges in Chester County.   Many are still in use (see photo at the top of tthe previous page, Covered Bridges).  A couple are  located on well traveled roads.  But most are in remote rural areas on the back roads.  Besides the challenges of locating some bridges, one of the enjoyable things about going "bridging" is that  it takes you to remote and scenic areas.  

Almost all of the covered bridges in Chester County were built using the Burr Truss technique (see the picture at the top of this page).   The two  that are not Burr Truss utilize Queenpost construction and are located within 1/4 mile of each other (see picture below).   Being close to each other and using the same architecture, they are  referred to as the twin bridges.  They are the Hayes Clark and Mary Ann Pyle Bridges.

Queenpost Arch from Mary Ann Pyle Covered Bridge

Mary Ann Pyle's Queenpost Arch

To simplify navigation and to keep loading times down I have somewhat arbitrarily divided the county into 3 sections.  Click on the links below to view photographs of the covered bridges in that section of the county. Within each section, the bridges are organized by the creek that they cross.

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  • Knox Valley
  • Bartrams
  • Rapp's Dam
  • Kennedy
  • Sheeder-Hall
  • Hayes Clark
  • Mary Ann Pyle
  • Speakman's
  • Mercer's Mill
  • Gibson's
  • Larkin
  • Pine Grove
  • Linton Stephens
  • Glen Hope
  • Rudolph & Authur
Delaware Bridges Maryland  Bridges

A resource for more information and driving directions to Chester County covered bridges can be found on William King's site.